School Details

School Details

Calcutta Public School, Ormanjhi, in Ranchi is a unit of the well known Jha             Educational Trust that runs several schools including the famous Calcutta Public School in Kolkata. Calcutta Public School, Ormanjhi, Ranchi gearing towards Affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi, has successfully completed five years from Nursery to ClassVII in the academic session 2019-20. In the academic session 2020-21 the school shall run till class VIII. Our School in Ormanjhi, Ranchi will implement the same policies and strategies that lead to the success of our schools. The schools under the trust shaped the life of thousands of students over the years achieving excellent academic performance besides training the students in various skills and developing their personality through varied activities. The expertise we have will be available for our school in Ormanjhi, Ranchi. The School now opens the doors for children from nursery to class VIII. Admission for Day Scholars opens from classes Nursery to VIII and Admission for Day Boarders opens from class I to VIII.


To achieve excellence in education by providing child – centric education and to nurture our student to become concerned, disciplined and responsible citizen and assume (acquire) leadership in diverse fields.


To create a learning environment which encourages students to acquire an inquiring mind. The school recognizes that each student is unique and therefore adopts an instruction style suitable for individual needs and aspirations. Our school is committed to provide a caring, orderly and supportive environment. We also strive to have our parents, teachers and community members actively involved.


Awakening the latent potential within our wards and guide them to actualize their potential.

Installing in the student the virtue of good habits, moral values and discipline.

Imparting knowledge and skills required to succeed in a competitive environment.

Creating  an environment suitable for all-round development of personality.

To be the school of choice for student from far and wide.Cultivating adaptive traits to face adverse satiation.

Providing state of the art facilities and opportunities for healthy development of body and mind.