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Principal’s Message | Calcutta Public School, Ormanjhi
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Our School is special place where the students, teachers and guardians work together to establish an atmosphere ideal for the development of the personalities of the children. We are committed to help in their grooming so that they can blossom into well rounded personalities. We wish to be recognized as a school of choice not only at Ranchi but also well beyond the borders of Jharkhand. Our teacher specialist in their respective fields and would take utmost care to ensure that the student get adequate care and attention to blossom into well educated and responsible citizens of the country. Our role as a teacher is varied, it is not solely to impart knowledge, it is to inspire, motivate, develop self beliefs and inspire the students to be creative. We are more of a facilitators than the old fashioned class room teachers. We wish to bring in newer concepts of teaching commensurate with the requirement of ever changing of an ever changing and evolving society.