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Parent-teacher meeting | Calcutta Public School, Ormanjhi
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As we are a community of learners with the children being the most vital members, we seek utmost co-operation from the parents

The student diary is regular bridge of communication between the teachers and the parents. Parent-Teacher Meeting is convened at intervals for face to face dialogue and exchange of views for the cherished improvement of the ward concerned. Regular Parent-Teacher Meeting gives parents a venue of communication between parent, teachers, and school administration. It also provides a forum for expression and exchange of views in the general interest of the students. This has brought about a radical changes in creating a harmonious relationship between the guide at school and the caretaker at at home. The response has been quite encouraging.

Parents and teachers are joint agents to shape the life of the child. There should be proper understanding between them in the interest of the child. The meeting between parents and teachers provide opportunities to exchange ideas, understand the problem of the child in school and at home and find the common solution.

The co-operation of parents in all activities of the school is important as they are part of the school family.